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Metatrons Eye

The Inspiration for this design came from Sacred Geometry, more specifically, "Metatrons Cube". It is derived from the flower of life pattern and was rumored to be created from Archangel Metatrons soul. With it he oversees the flow of energy into it. It contains all existing geometric shapes and represents everything source has created. I combined it with an all seeing eye to represent people seeing duality in the universe, good and evil, rather than seeing a whole. 


Don't Shoot

The idea came from the many police shootings that have been in public eye for the past couple of years. We personally experience a fear with police encounters and  wanted to create a movement for those who may similar regardless of race. We wanted us to take back our power and transform fear into a voice of power!


Immune System

With COVID-19 dominating 2020, and masks being considered the highest priority, we wanted to spread awareness about the benefits of boosting your immune system. The media will tell you to wear your mask but won't mention boosting your immune system, so we decided to change the narrative. 



Another design inspired by Sacred Geometry, this design comes from the Vesca Piscis, universal symbol of the divine feminine. It often represents the joining of god/goddess, a doorway between worlds, and the uterus of a goddess among many other descriptions. The symbol of the first manifestation, giving birth to the entire manifestation universe, has led to it becoming known as the womb of creation.



This design was meant to show the stigma associated with users of both medicinal and recreational marijuana. A lot of non violent offenders are still serving time on marijuana related charges although it is now legal and taxed.



Adapted from a previous collaboration, this design is to show solidarity with the LGBTQ community as well as any other marginalized community. 

"Acceptance leads to Equality, with Equality there is Unity,Unity breeds Love, Love creates Peace!" 


Black America

This design was born from the national outrage after the death of George Floyd. America is broken, the system was not designed to benefit all, and a lot of the time Black America seems to be its own country separate from America itself. We wanted a flag to represent the forgotten side of America.



This design was inspired by the popular slogan "ACAB", or "All Cops Are Bastards". Due to the nature of the criminal justice system, good people can't be "good cops", especially when they can't go against the "bad cops".



This design was created to show that being a non poc (person of color) or white does not automatically make you prejudice, but it does automatically give you privilege that many others do not have.



This design is all about manifestation and positivity. We talk about a lot of controversial topics but we still wish to manifest love and acceptance for all.

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