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Alpha Skywalker is a 27 year old Vallejo based Lyricist, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Engineer, and Visual Artist among other things. In 2009, Alpha formed a group called Infamous Entertainment, after suggesting to a friend they should buy a microphone together. Once the mic was taken care of they picked up two more members, then came out with a self titled mixtape in 2010, followed by an album called "On My Mind" on iTunes in 2011. Shortly after releasing the album the group received a sponsorship from a small clothing company named "J-Smirk" who also sponsored their high school basketball team. The group was also offered a recording contract from an independent label after the release of the album, which everyone shared mixed feelings about. Due to this, financial distribution issues from album sales, as well as two of the members preparing to graduate, the group broke up. Alpha continued his schooling at California State University, Chico where he also continued to pursue his musical passion but as a solo artist. In late 2012 Alpha released his first solo mixtape "Back to the Basics", followed by another, "ThePurpleHippyTape", in 2014. Up until now Alpha has been perfecting his craft, building up his catalog, and even attended Diablo Valley College for music industry studies for a couple of semesters to further his musical knowledge and skill. In October 2018 he released his EP "Where You Been", on all digital outlets. Alphas artistry has even extended to clothes; combining his visual art skills with a powerful message, he attempts to make an impact with his clothing line Abstrakt Reality. Each design has a meaning behind it that is meant to spark thoughts and conversations amongst those who see it, whether it be political, spiritual, or intellectual. As of now Alpha is expanding Abstrakt Reality into more of a movement than a clothing line. The company now offers photo and video shoots as well, but Alpha plans to incorporate other aspects in the near future. You can find the clothes on the SHOP tab of the site. Welcome to the experience that is Abstrakt Realm, and thank you for your interest!

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Click any picture to discover more!


    Sean Barron

(Alantic Records)

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